Birth Control / Period Problems

Birth control pills have been shown to be helpful with controlling acne and reducing period cramps and facial hair. Studies also show that birth control pills can help prevent future ovarian cancer.

Other types of birth control include Depo-Provera which is the brand name for a long-acting reversible hormonal contraceptive birth control drug that is injected every three months.

Intrauterine device (IUD) with progestogen is a hormonal intrauterine device classified as a long-acting reversible contraceptive method.

Mirena, an IUD, can be effective for 5 years at a time. Most patients have minimal to no side effects with its use.

Dr. Das can provide any of these proven birth control methods and he will help to obtain authorization from your insurance company.

Period problems are often hormonal. A blood test and hormone analysis can be ordered and Dr. Das will recommend an appropriate treatment.

If you have questions about Birth Control / Period Problems, please call Dr. Das at (321) 725-9800 or Contact Us.
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